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The Unseen Factors in Gemstone Value

A well established measurement of value in the industry is the 4 C’s: Color, Carat Weight, Cut and Clarity. We discuss these in detail on our Diamond Education page and,

Gemstones And Their Meanings

Gemstones hold powerful meanings that have been defined through centuries of possession. In Roman days, the appearance of certain gemstones foreshadowed a grim fate, while others were cherished because they

January’s Birthstone

As versatile as it is stunning, January’s birthstone comes in an enormous variety of colors and has long been a symbol of friendship and trust. Commonly seen in a dark

How Deep Can You Find Diamonds?

Past the thick layer of earth’s crust lies an unbreachable segment called the ‘mantle’. Sweltering temperatures that would melt most objects on the surface, crushing pressure that would collapse certain

Holiday Jewelry Ideas: Bloodstone

For those looking to add a bit of Christmas spirit to their jewelry, we’d like to present you with an under-utilized gemstone: Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a mixture of Quartz and

December’s Gemstones

The three gems of December have a wide enough range to cover just about every shade of blue. While all three are beautiful in their own right, their histories vary.

When Gemstones Collide: Pseudomorphs

While the creation process for most gemstones requires harsh environments and not a lot of it is created, it’s exponentially less likely still that two gemstones would grow into one

How To Spot A Fake: Citrine

While Citrine can be faked fairly easily, it’s fakes are usually just variants of other gems (namely Amethyst) or glass, which can be easily spotted. Having a natural gem is

How is Topaz Formed?

Topaz is interesting for a multitude of reasons. It’s hard, but it cracks very easily. It’s beautiful, but comes in a huge array of colors. It also matches up well

November’s Gemstones

Long believed to have healing powers from the sun, the warm and gentle aesthetic of Citrine earned it a spot as one of November’s two gemstones. It’s counterpart, however, is

Which Country Has The Most Diamonds?

In 2018, 147 million carats of diamonds were pulled from deep in the earth’s crust. Many of those diamonds came from just five different countries. While some of these countries