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Close up of a diamond studded gold bee ring on someone's finger.

What Does Bee Jewelry Symbolize?

Whether worn as earrings, necklaces or rings, the bee is the perfect combination of sentiments to wear and give. Found in every continent except for Antarctica, bees are often thought

Woman's hand with 3 ruby rings. The middle ring is styled after a serpent.

What Color is Ruby?

The most popular red gemstone of all time, rubies have been prized and coveted for centuries. From the Latin word for red “rubens”, their durability and hardness make them an

Dark haired woman in a green dress looking back in front of green bushes.

What Jewelry to Wear With a Green Dress?

What Jewelry to Wear With a Green Dress Fall is rapidly approaching and before we know it, our winter will be filled with holidays and get-togethers. Parties are a fun

Woman's hand wearing different evil eye symbol rings on each finger.

What Does the Evil Eye Symbol Mean?

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a dirty look, and while you may just go on about your day, many people around the world believe that troublesome glance

Blue topaz ring on a glass table.

What Color is Topaz?

The gemstone Topaz is one of the cleanest, clearest and crispest colorless stones ever discovered, and is also host to a phenomenal array of colors. Many of these hues are

Man and woman holding hands and looking at each other rocky landscape.

Which Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On?

Between promise rings, purity rings, commitment rings and pre-engagement rings, the confusion around what a promise ring means is totally understandable. What’s the purpose of a promise ring? Which finger

Dainty platinum chain necklace with a blue sapphire stone.

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Associated with royalty and romance, September’s birthstone sapphire has been a cherished gemstone for centuries. “Sapphire” is derived from the Latin and Greek words for “blue”: sappheiros and sapphirus. Although

Plain gold band and a diamond studded band on a glass table.

How To Choose Your Wedding Band

Congrats! You’re engaged! As wedding planning commences and you move through this season of engagement together, don’t forget about this important piece before you head to the altar- wedding bands!

Silhouette of a person against the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis.

August Birthstone: Peridot

Does Peridot Have a Special Meaning?  Dating back to ancient Egypt, August’s birthstone Peridot, is most recognized for its richly saturated green color. Peridot is known for its healing properties

Ring with heart shape and diamond starburst.

What is the Symbolism of a Starburst Ring?

A fascination with the heavens, mathematics and mythology has produced a common symbol that appears in artwork and jewelry. Stars have become a sacred and spiritual symbol for many cultures