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How Old Are Most Diamonds?

A commonly asked question is, how old are most diamonds? Of course, a great guess is very old, but how old is very old? We will discuss how old most

What Is A Vintage Style Engagement Ring?

There is something very remarkable about a vintage style engagement ring. Though they are usually not decades old, they give your special piece of jewelry a timeless and elegant feel.

Can You Remove An Engraving From A Ring?

Engraving a ring is a great expression of love and endearment that adds a fun and personal twist. But what happens when you no longer want the inscription? You can

What is the Meaning of a Promise Ring?

Promise rings have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, but have been around for quite some time. Yet, there still seems to be confusion surrounding the promise

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Black diamonds seem to be a mystery that leave people asking, are black diamonds real? We will discuss the cost of black diamonds and who would want one as well

Are Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings Popular?

Engagement rings are a big decision and the choices seem to be endless. Traditionally engagement rings are made with diamonds, but sapphires continuously make their mark in bridal. We will

What Does The Evil Eye Necklace Represent?

The Evil Eye necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that is rising in popularity. A common question is, what does the Evil Eye necklace represent? We will not only

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made?

When choosing a lab grown diamond a common question is: how are they made? We’ll explore the process of creating a diamond in a lab as well as how long

Do Diamonds Increase In Value?

With an investment such as diamonds, a common question is: do they appreciate value? We’ll take a look at the answer to that question as well as the reasons why