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How Do Gemstones Get Their Color?

Gemstones are strange in many ways. Some don’t change color even in different lighting while others will radiate in the sun. Some gemstones look better when they’re flawless while others

How To Spot A Fake: Spinel

Continuing our series on how to spot fake gemstones, this week we have what is possibly the most difficult of all: Spinel. The good news about that is that it

August’s Birthstones

As of 2016, August joined December and June as the only three months to have 3 birthstones. Unlike the other two, you’ve likely never heard of any of the three

How To Spot A Fake: Rubies

This month we’ll take a look at July’s birthstone, the Ruby, and teach all of you at home some simple methods of spotting which ones are fake or real. In

July’s Birthstone

Though July only has one birthstone, this powerful stone commands enough attention and exudes enough beauty to warrant the selection. This month we’ll take a look at the Royal variant

How To Spot A Fake: Pearls

Along with taking a closer look at each month’s birthstone, which we just did for June, we’re also going to be doing a series of how to spot fakes. We’ll

June’s Birthstones

June is a special month. It’s different from most of the other months because it actually gets two birthstones; one of which is extremely popular (but don’t get too jealous

Signifying your growth: Ideas for newlyweds

A ring is one of many ways to mark the beginning of your journey together. As couples dig further and further into their spirituality and creativity, they’re coming up with

King Tut’s Jewelry: Made By Meteors

King Tut, also known as Tutankhamun, famously ruled over Egypt over 3 millennia ago. In the 1920s, an archaeologist by the name of Howard Carter discovered his tomb and opened

What Would Happen If You Melted Diamonds

We’re used to seeing diamonds in their solid state. They’re used for their beauty and don’t have much use as a plasma, liquid or gas. A lot of people are

The Largest Faceted Gemstone in History

Years ago in Brazil, an unfaceted Emerald weighing 1,900,00 carats was mined and found to have an estimated value of $400 million. Of course, the owner decided to sell it