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cushion cut pink sapphire rose gold band

Are Pink Sapphires Rare?

Pink sapphires have become more widely available since new deposits were found in Madagascar in the late 1990s. Until that time, pink sapphires were considered exceptionally rare since they were

What is the Best Wedding Band Material?

Wedding bands are available in a wide range of different metals, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These include yellow, white and rose gold in different karatages, as well

hidden halo diamond engagement ring and wedding band

What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

We believe that every engagement ring should be meticulously crafted but also stunning and unique, just like its bride. When you’re designing a ring meant to last a lifetime, attention

Are Emeralds Too Soft For Engagement Rings?

In the world of engagement rings, Diamonds are certainly at the top of the chain. They’re wildly popular, gorgeous, resistant and easy to take care of; making them the ideal

Personalized Name Rings For Couples

When it comes to love, no two relationships are the same, and should be expressed in an individual way. Couples rings are a great way to express commitment and love

Can Cobalt Rings Be Cut Off?

Cobalt rings are becoming all the rage for an alternative type of metal for a wedding band. This week we will discuss all you need to know about cobalt rings

How To wear Jewelry With A Nickel Allergy

Wearing jewelry when you have a nickel allergy can be very frustrating since nickel is used as the base metal for gold jewelry. It takes time before a person develops

Are Vintage Engagement Rings Cheaper?

Vintage engagement rings have such a beautiful and classic look. Having a ring with a history can make your engagement just that much more special. We will discuss what is