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What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

When choosing an engagement ring, the shape of the diamond or main stone is often where the design journey begins and the entire structure of the ring is usually created

What Color is Garnet?

Garnet is not a single mineral but actually a group of several closely related ones. The gemstones’ most widely known color is dark red but garnets are available in a

What is a Herkimer Diamond?

Herkimer diamonds are beautiful quartz crystals found around Herkimer, New York.  The crystals are stunning works of nature that have a diamond-like geometrical shape hence the name “Herkimer diamonds”. While

white gold diamond scatter bangle

What is a Bangle Bracelet?

A bangle is a type of bracelet that is rigid, ring-shaped and often made of metal. A traditional bangle is a closed circular design, without a clasp closure. In comparison,

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What is Fluorescence in a Diamond?

Fluorescence is the tendency of a diamond to emit a soft glow when the stone is exposed to ultraviolet light (UV light). Fluorescence is neither good or bad, but definitely

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion cut diamonds are a modified version of an antique diamond shape, the old mine cut and have a timeless appeal with soft, rounded edges. This square cut has the

What Color is Aquamarine?

Although aquamarine is exclusively blue, it’s found in a range of shades within the blue family from a pale sky blue to blue-green. Just like many other minerals, the color

What Shape is a Baguette Diamond?

A baguette diamond is a slim, rectangular-shaped diamond with an elongated profile and right-angled corners. Baguette cuts make great choices for side stones but can also be used in many

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

While the tennis bracelet wasn’t created specifically for tennis players, it was a particular game that helped to rename and rebrand this accessory. Nowadays there are a lot of variations

Is Quartz Hard Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Quartz gemstones are very attractive, fairly durable and hard making them a great choice for jewelry including engagement rings. There are many different varieties of quartz including amethyst and rose

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What Color is Emerald?

Though emeralds are classically green, they actually range in color from yellow-green to blue-green. An Emerald’s color is based on three aspects: its hue (color), saturation (intensity) and tone (purity).

How to Read a GIA Diamond Grading Certificate

A diamond should come with a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or similar gemological organization or laboratory that contains a full scientific and unbiased assessment of your