Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds are a traditional and beautiful part of a wedding, and it is something that is meant to last forever. So natural is the diamond in the culture of the wedding and marriage process that it has often been said, “A diamond is a girl’s best friend.” But is this still the case?

While many modern brides choose to disregard this tradition, diamonds are still a popular choice for engagement rings worldwide.  Here is why!

  1. Diamonds are forever. This statement is not just a cliche, though it sounds like one. Diamonds have the longevity that surpasses almost every other stone. One reason for this is that they are the hardest stone and very difficult to damage. In fact, they are so tough that they can cut glass! Providing you make a good choice of diamond initially, it should last throughout your life and become an heirloom that you can then pass onto your children and grandchildren.
  2. Diamonds are unique. Diamonds have a uniqueness about them that echoes the details of your unique relationship. Each one is different, and no two diamonds are the same. Each is cut in a specific way, and each one holds a distinct clarity, cut, and style that is truly beautiful.
  3. Diamonds are quality-controlled. Diamonds are an investment and as such you must be able to verify the diamond you purchase has been properly vetted. We recommend only purchasing diamonds that have been certified but the GIA. The GIA is the only non-profit grading laboratory that is dedicated to protecting the consumer. We do not recommend purchasing any diamond that has been certified by the EGL. Unlike the GIA which has a universal grading system, EGL does not and this can result in a fluctuating value.  

                     Bonus Tip: For more insight into the art of diamond grading watch this video.

  1. Diamonds are a great investment. Diamonds are still the best investment you can make when it comes to beautiful gemstones. When you purchase a custom-made diamond engagement ring, you have something not only that you can enjoy, but something you’ll be able to share with future generations. The value of diamonds is forecasted to only increase over time, so your investment will continue to grow over the years. The more unique the cut, clarity, and size of your diamond, the more value it will likely hold in the market.
  2. Diamonds are a symbol of love. Diamonds are a traditional and romantic symbol of eternal love. The beauty and uniqueness of a diamond tell the world that you are spoken for while displaying your commitment. It is considered to be “the stone of invincibility” in ancient mythology and has a spiritual and mystical significance across cultures.

A Diamond is Still A Girl’s Best Friend

So, the answer to our question is, yes! A diamond is still a girl’s best friend because of the cultural, economic, and sentimental value of its beauty and meaning. When you wear a custom diamond from The Diamond Reserve, you’ll be assured that you have a precious and unique ring that will serve as one of the best investments of your lifetime.

Not only is it a symbol of eternal love and affinity, but it will also maintain its beauty forever.

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