April’s Birthstone

We’re coming full circle near the end of our Birthstone blog series with the world’s most adored gemstone, sought by almost everyone at some point in their lives.

With a beautiful, smooth shell hardened by immense pressure and a brilliance crafted by the hottest fires, this gemstone stands in a class by itself. In fact, the name itself derives from the Greek word “adamas,” which roughly translated to “invincible”. And so it has been for many decades.

This month’s gemstone is none other than our own signature stone: the diamond.

The Origin of Diamonds

As with many of ourselves, the Diamond had humble beginnings. The first diamonds on record were noticed on a riverbed in India. Immediately captivating the souls of those who gazed upon them, diamonds were immediately hoarded by the nobles and the royalty. Diamonds would see a boom in places such as Venice, Italy where wealthy people gathered in an attempt to find treasures that would spark a fire in their souls.

In fact, many of the famous diamonds you know so well have traces back to the 1600s including the Hope Diamond, an enormous blue diamond that currently sits in the Smithsonian. Oddly enough, the infamy and value of some of these diamonds make them unwearable as they constantly fight to keep them under protection even amongst one of the safest institutions. The Hope Diamond itself is so valuable that it’s display is generally thought to have a decoy.

A Versatile Gem

When we think of diamonds, we generally think of the translucent variety that illuminates its surroundings and magnifies the beauty of its wearer. While those “colorless” diamonds are the most sought after, diamonds actually come in an enormous variety of colors. Blue, pink, black and just about everything in between, as we previously discussed the various colors of diamonds.

Color isn’t the only measure of versatility for this gem. It can be cut into just about any pattern, is as durable as just about any gemstone you’re going to find and you’d be hard pressed to find a single person who doesn’t think that diamonds are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike the other gemstones we’ve discussed which all have their own strengths and weaknesses, diamonds are all-arounders. They’re flexible, come in many colors, are durable and have among the richest history of any gemstone (though Jade would give it a run for its money).

Though, with all of these gemstones, diamonds can also be faked. Check in next week to see how to properly spot a counterfeit diamond.

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