5 Ways To Ensure You Buy Your Significent Other Their Dream Engagement Ring

Are you looking to pop the question but aren’t really sure where to start? Are you worried about all the different factors that go into selecting your partner’s engagement ring, but haven’t a clue what they would like? Fret no more, because we have put together five different ways to ensure that you buy your significant other their dream engagement ring!


Starting off, the first and best place to check is if your significant other has a Pinterest board. You can do this by searching their name on Pinterest or asking their best friend and siblings if they have one. If they do, they most likely have some type of engagement ring pinned.

Sometimes, they will have multiple styles pinned. If this is the case, take note of what style they specifically keep going back to. If they have rounds and ovals pinned, but there are ten round diamond rings and only two ovals pinned, go for the style they are gravitating towards naturally.

Take Them To Meet With A Jeweler

Another great method is to take your significant other into a jewelry store. Sometimes, your significant other may not have a single clue of what they want, which is okay! This can be a fun time for you both to explore different options together, which makes the process even more intimate and special. During your meeting with different jewelers, make sure you focus on certain things such as:

  • What shape of diamond do they like?
  • What color gold do they prefer?
  • What is their ring size?
  • Stylistically, what setting do they like?
  • Do they want a halo of diamonds?
  • Do they want micro pave diamonds set down the band? etc.

If there are two different shapes that they like, this can allow you to incorporate some element of surprise. Moving forward, you can take the reins after hearing their preferences and create something that you think they will truly love and will catch them by surprise when you finally pop the question.

Talk To Their Friends

Talking with your significant other’s friends is always a great way to start your search. Take caution with this as well, because sometimes, friends will have a slight sense of bias where they will express what they personally like rather than what your partner prefers. With that being said, make sure you pick a friend that has your S/O’s best interest in mind. More often than not, they will know right away since they most likely had this discussion already!

Go With Your Gut!

If you want to pursue this trek without anyone knowing, including your partner, we advise that you meet with several different jewelers. Make sure you select a jeweler that is very interested in stylistically understanding what your partner wants. Do not pick a jeweler that just tries to sell you any ring out of the case.

Working with a trusted jeweler that understands modern day bridal styles and what is currently trending, yet tries to understand your partner’s style and combines all the above is the best way to go. Make sure they are asking questions such as:

-What jewelry style do they normally wear?
-Yellow gold versus white gold? Etc.

Also, make sure your jeweler is taking notes that you can go back to and reference once you are ready to move forward with everything!

Pick Their Center Diamond

If you want to start with something simple just to pop the question with, pick out the center diamond and have it set in a solitaire style engagement ring. Most jewelers will allow you to switch out the solitaire setting if they want to change it later down the road. Once you propose, they can now go design the setting of their dreams with the center stone that you picked out.

They might even just love the simple, yet stunning solitaire that you picked out, but it’s wonderful knowing that you two can go in together to design the ring that they have always dreamed of.

Overall, this is a HUGE purchase, so make sure you take your time and seek out different options to avoid making an impulsive decision. If you need any help along the way, give us a call at 720-560-3548 or click here to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help!