5 Things You Should Never Do To A Wedding Ring

Diamond ring in ice

Everyone has irrational fears about losing their wedding ring at some point. Although some of those fears are a little misguided, it is good to know the common situations in which you should take your ring off. Aside from your ring being eaten by a bear, here are the most situations in which you should remove it:

Sports / Working Out

There are more ways to get injuries or damaged wedding rings during physical activities than you can imagine. Keep in mind that not only are bands not built to withstand blunt trauma, but diamonds are incredibly hard and can tear skin.

Putting on creams and lotions

Rings can become agonizing to take care of if you have to clean them too often. Avoiding creams and lotions will keep it from getting grungy. And no one likes a grungy ring.


Do you turn into a martial arts champion when you’re sleeping? Many couples have this sleep dynamic, where one person (or both people) will have very active limbs in their sleep.

A diamond ring to the forehead hurts. To the eye it’s even worse. Keep it on your night stand and it’ll be waiting for you when you wake up.

Changing the oil in your car

Because it’s an activity you might do less, those of you out there who change your own oil manually often forget to remove it. If you’d ever changed your own oil, you know it can be extremely messy. Oil comes off, but it will dim the brightness.

Taking a cruise

Going on a cruise? If you have a small safe then just tuck that ring away until you get back. For some reason, cruises invite disaster when it comes to wedding rings. And, of course, the ocean isn’t going to give it back to you.